A Step-By-Step Guide To Basic Decking Design



If you have traveled around, then you must have seen numerous deck designs. It may even hinder you from deciding which deck is the most ideal for you. Don’t worry. It’s normal for indecision to come around when faced with so many amazing designs. Below, we explore the things to consider when looking for a deck design that communicates your personality, that is affordable and durable. Design ideas for decking

The first thing to consider before delving into the planning is to think about your expected daily use of the decking. The day to day activities expected should definitely be considered rather than just going for a deck design that you simply ‘like’.

Do you need a deck to accommodate your family on a regular basis? Just for getting through the door from the garden? For regular entertainment? Or for relaxation?

When you make these considerations, you’re able to think of the space to go with it and the overall design so that you get a better idea of the approximate area and a realistic quote for the materials needed. (If contracting out you will need to advise your contractor of all of these things as well)

The next thing that should be decided on is whether the deck will be fastened to the house or will it be free standing. Both designs have their pro’s and con’s and it is important to evaluate each before coming to a decision. The site location is also of crucial importance. Prior to construction, do note the sun’s position at various times of the day. In so doing, you can go for a design that does not bring the deck in direct sunlight when the sun is hottest but rather at cooler times of the day such as in the morning or even late in the afternoon.

Next, mark out the designated perimeter you desire your decking to cover. In so doing, you can get an approximate value of the various materials you might need. It is not a must that it be a square or rectangle. There are other numerous shapes that you can work with.  You can even chose to work around some of the features in the area such as around a kitchen garden or around a tree.

If you are thinking about a large deck design
, try to make use of a multilevel design which looks more engaging to the eye and has more functionality. It’s important to factor in access points in the deck design so that everything is in order. If steps are needed, how many will there be? What is the correct angle and height of each step? And how high do you need your overall staircase to be? Guard rails should also be incorporated in the design. Choose carefully from ‘all’ of the various designs available that are sturdy, long lasting, and that require minimal maintenance.

At this juncture, you are pretty much done with the bulk of the design. You can add some features to make the design more attractive such as factoring in a feature for hanging flowers, a lamp or even chives. If you are in a windy place or desire privacy for your deck, factor in some screens that give you the desired ambience.



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